My dinning room table because I’m social distancing, 2020

6th of July, 2020

Hello all you people who I haven’t given any kind of update to in a few months!

Due to Covid-19, many of my previous plans for 2020 were either put on hold or changed entirely. I thank you all for your patience with me and I now finally have some news to update you on!

“Not That Easily”, one of my comics that can be found on Line Webtoon here, was placed on hold back in March when the Pandemic first hit. This has given me some time to evaluate the series and there will be an announcement soon for a change in the project.

On a similar related note, I now have a new series, also featured on Line Webtoon. This comic is called “Cat’s Cradle” and has been entered as part of the site’s Short Story Contest. The story revolves around a young trans-boy after he is kicked out of his home and his journey to find acceptance. The series can be read here.

I thank you again for your patience with me in these chaotic times. Wishing everyone the best!